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Director's Message Regarding Education

I believe:

  • The fundamental purpose of any school is to provide the best educational program possible within the financial and human resources of the institution.
  • Every student is a human being with a potential to contribute to society in some constructive manner and deserving of our respect and attention.
  • Student deserve to have the opportunity to realize their true potential.
  • Students need guidance and guidelines to shape his or her development so that he or she will be accepted into the society for which he or she is being prepared.
  • Students deserve to be in an environment which fosters acceptance
  • Firmness on the part of teachers or parents is a necessary part of making a student aware of their responsibilities and the limitation of behaviour acceptable to society.
  • The emotional development of a student is as important as his or her cognitive development and must be taken into consideration by all school faculty and staff.
  • Students learn from their total physical and social environment and that a teacher must be a concerned with this aspect of learning as with textbook learning.
  • Teachers should recognize the individual differences among children and give special attention to slower learners as well as faster learners.
  • Somatization of slow learners is never justified.

Director's Beliefs Regarding Education

  • Students learn from the general behaviour of their teachers and model themselves after teachers they idolize.
  • Teachers must abide by or surpass the ethical standards of the community.
  • Teachers should maintain a professional appearance in keeping with the students of the community.
  • Good planning and Best Replica Watches preparation is the key to good teaching.
  • Teachers are obligated to attend meetings of the PTA to contribute to the establishment of good communication with parents and the community; and
  • Teachers who
    • do not like kids
    • do not give his or her best in the classroom or in other student activities
    • watch the clock instead of the child, and
    • work for salary, rather than for the betterment of children

will be encouraged to perhaps enter another profession.

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